Last Supper: Presentation Night At Johnny’s Cafe 11/5/2021

This year we had a wide variety of presentations, ranging from the “Boxing and the Common Good” and Islamic perspectives on Business and Society, to how Accounting or Financial Services might benefit from thinking about faith and Catholic Social Thought

“Private Enterprise in Maoist China: How Private Enterprise Flourished Under Communism” Scott Frost (Harvard) 11/15/2021

Adam Frost has done extensive research into the history of illicit entrepreneurship in socialist China, particularly in the Maoist era. Beginning in the 1950’s, with the enactment of systems of rationing and distribution, there emerged in China vast illicit networks operating in circumvention of the planned economy. Within these networks, a broad class of specialists, ranging from petty traders of ration coupons to large-scale arbitragers, sought opportunities to profit from inefficiencies in central planning. Referred to by communist officials as “speculators and profiteers,”  these individuals were branded the economic enemies of socialism and became the targets of recurring anti-capitalist campaigns. Yet, as this research will show, these “speculators” were actually the PRC’s first generation of entrepreneurs who not only facilitated the functioning of the socialist economy but also helped pave the way for China’s marketizing reforms.

“Operating a Company with a Sense of Eternal Purpose” Luke Carlson, Chief of Staff and Ventrues Director at Refined Technologies

After graduating from Baylor, Luke Carlson worked for Conoco Phillips for 9 years, holding many roles including global auditor, asset analyst, economist planner, and supervisor. He then worked for over 3 years helping structure deals for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He presently works at Refined Technologies, where he oversees and develops various ventures. He shared what it means to run a business with expectations to create overflow and benefit for others.

“Tensions of Owning and Managing By Faith” Jim Anderson 10/7/2021

Jim Anderson has spent the bulk of his career in middle management, dealing with the real and practical tensions which come while making management decisions as a Christian.  As an entrepreneur he has started a number of companies, and has developed many software solutions through his career, although he has mostly managed people.  He discussed the tensions one faces when considering stockholder and company interests, as well as other stakeholders and the common good.    He and his wife Cindy live in Virginia.

“From Precept to Practice: Jewish Perspectives on Business Ethics” (Leonard Greenspoon, Creighton 9/30/2021)

Professor Greenspoon, in addition to being widely published in areas regarding the Jewish Bible and texts of scripture,  has edited a number of interesting books including “Jews in the Gym: Judaism, Sports, and Atheletics” and “Jews and Humor”.  His knowledge of the Jewish wisdom tradition is extensive, and he spoke on a Jewish approach to business, providing insights into how the Jewish tradition has developed and how its scriptures are interpreted in contemporary culture.

Made To Flourish: The Purpose of Our Work (Luke Bobo and Paige Wiley)

Luke Bobo and Paige Wiley came to speak to our students at Creighton about the importance of work and its place in a Christian biblical perspective. They encouraged the students to not expect to know their profession for life as they graduate, and to be willing to shift their goals as life proceeds.

Luke Bobo serves as director of resource and curriculum development for Made to Flourish and works as an adjunct professor of contemporary culture and apologetics at Covenant Seminary. Previously, Luke worked as an electrical engineer. He is the author of Living Salty and Light-Filled Lives in the Workplace and A Layperson’s Guide to Biblical Interpretation. Luke currently serves as the minister of Christian education at Friendship Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri.  He i sCo-author with Paige Wiley of Worked Up: Navigating Calling after College.

Paige Wiley is the engagement coordinator at Made to Flourish, an organization whose mission it is to bridge the “Sunday-to-Monday gap” between people’s faith (Sunday) and work (Monday-Friday) lives.  Paige has produced multiple podcasts and interviews on life after college, and is co-author with Luke Bobo of Worked Up: Navigating Calling after College

Charles Camosy (Fordham) 9/16 2022: Resisting Throw-Away Culture

Charlie Camosy is the author of Resisting Throwaway Culture: How a Consistent Life Ethic can Unify a Fractured People (2019), as well as 4 other books and numerous articles on ethics including popular outlets such as USA TodayLos Angeles TimesSan Francisco ChronicleWashington PostNewark Star-LedgerAmerica and Commonweal. He spoke to the students about having a consistent life ethic, and how to avoid polarizing tendencies of contemporary political and social media discourse.

BFCGI 2022 Symposium: Helping Those at the Margins Through Business

Holiday season can add financial anxiety | News |
This year the keynote speaker for the BFCGI Symposium was Julie Kalkowski, Director of the Financial Hope Collaborative. A consumer advocate, Julie Kalkowski has worked directly with at-risk members of Omaha metropolitan area to find financial stability, helping them better manage their finances and avoid falling into cyclical debt.  The Financial Hope Collaborative and its Financial Success Program, housed at Creighton University’s Heider College of Business have been instrumental in helping many low-income families find financial stability.  She was a member of the Federal Financial Protection Bureau Advisory Board before it was disbanded. 
The symposium also included a Panel Discussion: “Inclusion of the Disenfranchised and Marginalized through Intentional Business Practices” Which focused on the question of how can business itself help make life better for everyone, and help include those who are frequently marginalized?  Panelists were Jo Giles (Exec. Director, Omaha Women’s Fund), who spoke about the importance of supporting women in the corporate business world, and Natalie Hadley (VP, Outlook Nebraska), whose organization employs the blind at their factory, and the discussion was led by Dr. Sarah Walker, Associate Professor and VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Creighton University

BFCGI welcome’s Charles Camosy (Fordham) for a talk on his book Throwaway Culture Thursday September 16th

Our BFCGI speaker Thursday September 16 will be Charles Comosy (Fordham University) author of Resisting Throwaway Culture: How a Consistent Life Ethic Can Unite a Fractured People, a book in which he articulates a new moral vision in which a culture of encounter and hospitality replaces a consumer culture in which the most vulnerable get used and discarded as so much trash. His talk will take place at 6pm in the Union Pacific Room at the Harper Center (room 2057/58). All students, faculty and the general public are welcome to attend.

Dr. Camosy is a frequent expert guest on various TV programs, and has published articles in the USA Today, New York TimesWashington PostLos Angeles TimesNew York Daily News, Commonweal, and America magazine, American Journal of BioethicsJournal of Medicine and PhilosophyJournal of the Catholic Health Association. He is the author of five books. Too Expensive to Treat? (Eerdmans) was a 2011 award-winner with the Catholic Media Association, Peter Singer and Christian Ethics (Cambridge) was named a 2012 “best book” with ABC Religion and Ethics, and For Love of Animals (Franciscan) was featured in the New York Times. Beyond the Abortion Wars (Eerdmans), was a 2015 award-winner also with the Catholic Media Association. His most recent book, Resisting Throwaway Culture (New City), was published in May of 2019 and won first place from the Catholic Publishers Association as “Resource of the Year.” In addition to advising the Faith Outreach office of the Humane Society of the United States and the pro-life commission of the Archdiocese of New York, Camosy received the Robert Bryne award from the Fordham Respect Life Club and received the 2018 St. Jerome Award for scholarly excellence from the Catholic Library Association. He has four children, three of whom he and his wife Paulyn adopted from a Filipino orphanage in June of 2016.